An App Built To Perform

A strong believer in value-adding to his clients and assisting them to make the very best decisions, as well as passionate in grooming and supporting his associates with the most powerful tools and materials, Andrew developed an app, exclusively for members of Andrew Boo Group (ABG), to allow his team to learn fast, work fast and outperform in this competitive market.

Especially in today’s market where you may not be able to meet clients and discuss face-to-face with them due to safe management measures, you really need to work fast, professionally and impressively to let your clients know that you are the best person for all their real estate matters. Check out the features of ABG App below. To discover how it can propel your career as a RES, contact us now for a demo and discussion.


Curated Calculators Beyond Just Calculations

The ASSESSMENT PRO currently consists of 8 powerful financial assessment calculators. Besides performing the standard calculations which some agencies and teams may provide, these calculators are developed to allow you, as well as your clients, to look deeper into their finances, thoroughly understand their financial positions and if necessary, also find out the solutions that will work for them.

Most importantly, it is so easy to use! Whether you are a brand new RES or someone who finds it hard to catch up with technology, Assessment Pro is not only easy to use, it will transform you into a confident and professional consultant instantly! Not only that, have I mentioned you can also generate impressive, customised PDF reports for your clients at just a click of the button?


24/7 Learning Anytime & Anywhere

To stay at the top of the game in this competitive and ever-changing market, we need to keep learning and constantly improve ourselves, tapping on new opportunities and scaling up our businesses. Are you an experienced agent and have realised that the methods that used to work for you are no longer working now? Heard of so many success stories of Facebook Marketing and Google Adwords, but your attempts are generating little to zero result? ABG LIBRARY, packed with e-tutorials and open sharing by our Huttons Top Producers and Leaders, will give you all the answers!

ABG Library is particularly important for new RES! Although our 5-Days Bootcamp would have transform a fresh RES into a confident, professional agent, ABG Library provides a learning platform for them to revise and explore more! 24/7! Anytime! Anywhere!


In-Depth Comparison of Projects, Islandwide

Property investors and own-stay buyers alike are attracted to quality new launches. As one of the most trusted and established agency for project marketing, Huttons is currently marketing over 130 projects locally, which is easily more than 90% of property launches in Singapore.

To help our agents better value-add and zoom into the most ideal developments to recommend their clients, we developed FUNNEL, a systematic tool which presents all the important data of every single new launch in Singapore (Yes! Including the few projects which Huttons is not marketing!), allowing our agents to easily filter, sort and cherry-pick the most suitable options for their clients. Just check on the suitable ones and with the click of a button, a professionally done Projects Comparison Report will be generated for you to send your clients, with all the brochures, floor plans, prices, virtual tours and 360 degree aerial views.


Your Phone, Your Office

With Assessment Pro, Library and Funnel, together with our training programmes and mentorship by our dedicated Top Leaders & Producers, we expect our agents to be packed with activities, meeting clients and closing deals! That’s why we decided to come out with ABG E-DOCUMENTS next.

With E-Documents, you can churn out CEA Exclusive Agreements, Offer To Purchase, Option To Purchase, Letter of Intent, Tenancy Agreements and more, on-the-spot on your mobile phones or tablets, and send it immediately to your clients. Not only does this allow you to work fast, it is also guided and super easy to use! So focus on attending to and giving the best value-added services to your clients, knowing that the rest can be quickly settled with just a few inputs into your mobile phone. Find out more about ABG App now!


Just passed your RES and wondering how you can best kickstart your real estate career? Feeling stagnant in your current agency and looking to restart your real estate career to achieve new breakthroughs and milestones? We are confident we are the right team for you! Let's meet for a no-obligation discussion!

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