Our Track Record

Brandon Loh winning his Huttons Top #1 Rookie Award in 2019

An Unprecedented Achievement of Grooming New RES

Consecutive Years of Winning Huttons Top Rookie

Andrew Boo Group has groomed the Champion Rookie in Huttons for the past 3 consecutive years. This is an unprecedented achievement and we certainly strive to extend this record for as many years as possible.

Record aside, I think this comes to show just how well we can train and transform a brand new RES, fresh from their RES exams, to an Elite Top Producer in his or her 1st year in this industry. Just passed your RES and thinking how you can best kickstart your real estate career? Make sure you meet up with one of us before making any decision! Contact us now!

Achieving Milestones Together

4 Millionaire Producers

With a team strength of just nearly 200 associates, ABG has produced 4 Millionaire Producers in 2021 – Patrick Low, Jody Tan, Brandon Loh and Aric Lim. Earning more than $1 Million in sales commission in a year is certainly a great milestone to achieve.

In fact, all 4 of our Millionaire Producers are also our ABG Bootcamp Trainers! Want to be a Millionaire Producer yourself one day? Why not learn from the ones who have already been there, done that?

Whatsapp Patrick Low / Jody Tan / Brandon Loh / Aric Lim now!

Andrew announcing our outstanding performance at ABG Awards 2021

Outstanding Team Performance

$20 Million Team Sales With 200 Agents

Besides our 4 Millionaire Producers, we also have several other Rising Millionaire Producers and a Millionaire Siblings. Hitting personal milestones are not only great goals for any salesperson, it is also to inspire others to achieve the same. At Andrew Boo Group, our leaders are dedicated to help as many of our team members to achieve remarkable sales and earning good income to bring back home.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved nearly $20 Million Team Sales last year, with not more than 200 associates. This works out to be an outstanding average of $100K income per associate. In fact, if we do not include the associates who are totally inactive and have zero sales, our average income is above $200K per associate.

Our Top Team Leaders

Dedicated & Inspiring Top Leaders of Huttons

When a team is producing sales consistently, it is due to many reasons, such as the solid platform and opportunities that company provides, the hard work of individual agents and very importantly, the support and guidance that the leaders provide. In ABG, our dedicated leaders are passionate about grooming producers. They are always there to give creative and innovative directions and solutions, inspiring their team members to work harder and soar to greater heights together.

Andrew Boo Group also has a strong record of grooming key appointment holders. For example, Andrew himself was the Deputy Chairman of Agency Development Committee, Alyssa is a Director of Project Sales and Marketing for Huttons and Jody Tan is the Chairman of Huttons Millennial.