Why Huttons


One United Huttons @ Huttons Dinner & Dance


A Leader In Project Marketing

Huttons was set up to provide a better and more rewarding platform for property agents working on new launches. When all agencies were keeping the bigger cut to themselves, and awarding closing agents a small cut, Huttons totally changed it by giving the bigger cut to the closing agents. With a strong believe that all Huttons need to do is to make sure all its agents do well, company will naturally do well. Huttons went on to dominate project marketing for more than a decade.

Today, Huttons is still one of the strongest force in project marketing. Despite its strength of just over 5,000 agents, a small fraction to the other 2 larger agencies with nearly or more than 10,000 agents each, Huttons is still widely considered as the agency of choice by many developers.


Andrew training on Financial Assessment Mastery in Early 2020


A Dynamic Training System

Beside the curated trainings by ABG leaders and producers, there is also a dynamic training programme at company level, managed by the dedicated Huttons management team, by various Top Producers from various divisions, across a full range of business niche and platforms.

The SPRINT SERIES will focus on the foundation, including the UP Basic Mastery (UPBM), which goes in-depth on HDB Resale and Private Resale. The GROWTH SERIES will cover on Skillsets such as Financial Calculation, Soft Skills, tapping into the China Market by FOZL and more. Finally, the DIGITAL SERIES will help enhance your digital skillsets with trainings on Social Media Marketing, 360 Videos, Email Marketing and Digital Branding.


Huttons Commission Scheme


Skip 70/30! Start With 80/20!

Just passed your RES and all excited to kick start your real estate career? Whether you are still young and just graduated (or perhaps still schooling), or making a mid-life career switch, we understand how important is it for you to quickly find success as a property agent. Yes! We also understand you need to start closing within a couple of months and can’t afford to not be earning for too long. We are all ready to transform you to the next Top Producer! (We have won consecutive Huttons Top Rookie Champions remember?)

I’m proud to announce all brand new RES will start from 80/20 commission scheme (instead of 70/30)! This quickly becomes 85/15 after just $30,000 of gross commission earned and 90/10 when you hit $60,000! The 90/10 scheme is the highest across all established agencies. Also, for closings of new launches, Huttons awards all agents 90/10 right away!


Huttons Tier 1 & 2 Overriding Scheme & Leaders’ Profit Sharing


High Overriding & Profit Sharing

At ABG, not only do we groom our associates to achieve breakthroughs and milestones in their personal sales, we also provide a platform to allow them to compete in growing their team. Of course, growing a team requires a lot of sacrifices and passion in helping others, but the satisfaction of transforming the life of our associates and their families is real.

Huttons offers the highest overriding and profit sharing for their leaders. For example, from company’s 10% cut (90/10 scheme), company pays 3% to overriding (2% for Tier 1 and 1% for Tier 2), 1% to District Directors and up to 2.25% to the different levels of Group District Directors, making it a total of 6.25% out of 10%!


Alyssa giving a project training when she was still a Project In-Charge


Multiple Income Sources

At Huttons, you can also enjoy multiple income sources. Besides earning overriding and profit sharing on your team’s sales performance, you can also earn from several other sources by stepping up as a Project Group Manager, Project In-Charge, Project Tagger, Cluster Tagger, Trainer, etc.

In ABG, we spot talents and push you to strive in what you are good at. Having advanced through the ranks and excel in the highest positions ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to shine and excel in each role. Real Estate is certainly not just about closing deals, value-adding and guiding your clients to make the best real estate decisions, it is also a lot about personal growth, leadership and discovering hidden talents. SOAR TOGETHER WITH US TODAY!